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Gauging Display And Controller

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Gauging Display Controller PneuControl / Smart Control

State-of-art displays which caters to emerging needs of Industry 4.0 requirements. Single channel / multi channel gauging displays for inductive probing sensors and piezo sensors based gauging displays for air gauging. LED Digital / LCD Analog graphical displays for gauging applications. Programmable displays suitable for simple measurements, multi-gauging applications as well as CNC machine control features. In-built SPC control charts and Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk monitoring suitable for shop floor mass productions. Ability communicate with the CNC machines, Robots, Gantry and marking machines / scanners simultaneously makes them front runners for Industry 4.0

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Gauging Display & Controllers Single Channel / Mutli Channel Air Electronic Gauging Display

Octagon digital displays are single/multi channel digital displays suitable for gauging applications especially for multi gauging systems with inductive sensors.